In attendance

  • Jen Diamond | Stephanie Betancourt | Josh Loper | Wale Oniyide
  • Pat Maddox | Mike McCormick | John Ryan | Ryan Moran | Dave Belloti | Mike Bonifer


  • Build a learning tool, making the standard library more digestable
  •    100% coverage not necessary
  •    for some, through a narrative / journey
  •    or others, pointers to supplemental materials

  • Something for everyone

  •    easy to learn from (progressive difficulty)
  •    easy to use

  • Rewards that foster engagement

  • Track your progress
  • Learn Ruby more deeply

  • Develop skills enough to land a job @ Pivotal

  •    confident in foundational XP practices
  •    testing - sustainable pace

  • Create a working environment can contribute and learn

  • Get user feedback so that we are confident that people will benefit from our learning tool
  • Meet our Rails Girls obligations
  •    Daily blog
  •    Present at a conference
  •    Do RGSoC post in September
  • Be able to pass the torch
  • Feel like I am a part of "the tribe"
  • Make this project attractive for open source contribution

Anti Goals

  • Leave someone behind
  • Sacrificing learning for velocity
  • Soloing :(
  • Silently suffering (our own ignorance)


  • Level of expertise / place in learning journey
  • Time available
  • Study vs. problem solving vs. discovery



  • I know some Ruby (1st programming language)
  • I am learning how to program
  • I know basic types / data structures
  • I am facile with online learning
  • I spend at least one hour a week on learning
  • In a user group; learning together
  • I have the potential helping someone else learn
  • Goal directed learning
  • I find the RDocs confusing ++ I don't have enough context to know what is important
  • I would come to this site to do practice drills, work on solving a particular problem
  • I want to discover something new about Ruby
  • I want to be a Rubyist (learn the "Ruby Way")
  • I'm seeking guidance / direction and encouragement
  • I have some troubleshooting techniques


  • I am now convinced I am learning Ruby
  • I have a developing mental model of basic Ruby Programming
  • I have written a few guided programs
  • StackOverflow based programming/troubleshooting
  • I am not sure what most exceptions mean


  • I just finished an introduction (e.g.- Rails Girls)
  • I am looking for support for my learning
  • I want to discover what Ruby's potential is
  • I don't know any jargon
  • I need to be encouraged immediately (quick wins)